Responsive Premium Kliqqi Themes

1. Pre-Installation Note

  • OTGrid 1.0.2 requires PHP 5.5+ with cURL enabled and Kliqqi 3.5.
  • Backup the whole /modules folder of your Kliqqi-powered site before installing OTGrid template. This must be done because we'll be overwriting some files in this folder during installation.
  • DO NOT edit any template file through Admin Dashboard > Template > Template Editor. Use your local file editor instead such as NotePad, etc.

2. Installation Guide

  • Unzip/extract the template file.
  • Upload all the contents inside the /upload folder to your Kliqqi root directory. If you'e prompted to overwrite files inside the /modules folder, allow it.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Template > Template Settings > Template and change its value to otgrid.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard and click Delete Template Cache.
  • Go Admin Dashboard > Modules > Uninstalled Modules and click the Install button for the Embedder module.

4. Using The Upload Module

Using Kliqqi's Upload module allows you to upload image(s) for an entry. The thumbnail of the uploaded image will then be used to display instead of the Embedly's. To make it work this way, do the following changes:

  • Install the Upload module.
  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Modules > Upload Module and set the following values:
    • Where to embed story thumbnails: upload_story_thumb_custom
    • Where to embed story file list: upload_story_list_custom
  • Open /templates/otgrid/link_summary.tpl and find: {* {assign var="uploadImagesCount" value=$link_id|upload_get_file_count} *} then replace it with: {assign var="uploadImagesCount" value=$link_id|upload_get_file_count}
  • Open /templates/otgrid/assets/scripts/OTgrid.tpl and find: {* {assign var="uploadModImageCount" value=$link_id|upload_get_file_count} *} then replace it with: {assign var="uploadModImageCount" value=$link_id|upload_get_file_count}

5. Changing The Logo

Create three logos then named it as follows:

  • logo.png
  • logoNarrow.png
  • logoWide.png
and upload/overwrite it to /templates/otgrid/assets/images/default/ folder.

6. Customizing The CSS

To change the template's background, color, fonts and among others, you need to do it via CSS. To do this, put all your custom CSS in /templates/otgrid/assets/styles/custom.css file. DO NOT edit any other CSS files in OTGrid except this one.

7. Changing The Slider Content

To change the content of the slider at the top, modify the content of /templates/otgrid/blocks/headerSlides.tpl file.