Responsive Premium Kliqqi Themes

Frequently Asked Questions

Our support hours are MONDAY - FRIDAY, 08:00 - 17:00 (GMT +8). During this time, we can provide feedback on any support queries within 12 - 24 hours. We're closed on weekends, public holidays and other such events in which support will be unavailable.

Pre-Sales & Payment FAQs

What payment methods are accepted?

All of OxyThemes' payment processing is handled through PayPal. When you click on the "Buy" button, you'll be redirected to the PayPal website where all payment processing will securely take place.

You can pay for a Template License with your PayPal account balance. You can also pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards through PayPal.

How much does a Kliqqi template cost?

The Kliqqi templates itself are not being sold. OxyThemes sells Template Licenses which grants you permission to use the corresponding Kliqqi templates in accordance to our Terms and Conditions.

Each Kliqqi template has two types of Template Licenses to choose from: Basic & Standard Template License.

Basic Template License cost $45 with an optional License renewal of $10 for 6 months. Standard Template License cost $80 with an optional License renewal of $15 for 12 months.

What is an Optional License Renewal?

Basic and Standard Template License has a set Valid Period or the amount of time that your purchased Template License will remain active. When the Valid Period is over, your purchased Template License becomes inactive and you may optionally renew in order to continue to avail certain features and services.

What is a Valid Period in a Template License?

Valid Period is the amount of time that your purchased Template License will remain active. Valid Period for Basic Template License is 6 months while Standard Template License is 12 months.

When your Template License is still active or still within the Valid Period, we will provide you customer support and template updates of the License you purchased.

Valid Period starts upon successful purchase of the Template License. For example, if you purchased Basic Template License on June 01, 2016, the Valid Period is from June 01 to December 01, 2016. During that timeframe, you have an active Basic Template License.

What happens when the Valid Period is over?

You now have an inactive Template License. The corresponsing Kliqqi template(s) of the License you purchased will continue to function and you're still allowed to use it. However, access to template updates will be unavailable and we'll not provide you template support anymore.

If you want to avail continued access to updates and template support for an additional Valid Period, you need to renew your inactive Template License.

Can you install Kliqqi and the template in my site?

We can install our Kliqqi template in your existing site if you want to. However, we cannot do Kliqqi script installations as of the moment. We might consider this option at a later date.

Can I get a discount on buying a Template License for the first time?

We're not really certain about it. We sometimes have discount coupons so just contact us if there's available.

Can I get a discount on buying a Template License for the second time?

Yes, you'll get a 10% discount when you buy a Template License for the second time.

Can I test the template before buying a Template License?

Yes, just go to the details page of the template and click the Live Demo button.

Why I can't download anything after I completed the payment?

Because we will just send the template to the PayPal email address you've used when paying. However, we manually review all orders to protect both you and us from fraudulent transactions. This means that there is sometimes a delay in sending the file to your email address (up to 24 hours, business days). If after that timeframe the template still doesn't arrive in your email, feel free to contact us. Under normal circumstances, business hours, expect the template in your email address within an hour.

Do the templates comes with PSDs (Layered Photoshop Files)?

No, all templates didn't include a PSD file.

What is your Refund Policy?

OxyThemes do not offer refunds once we have sent the template to your email address. Please use our template's demo and contact us with any questions you may have before you make a purchase.

If you're experiencing any difficulty with our product, we are more than happy to provide support and resolve the situation. If your circumstance can't be resolved with support, you are welcome to contact us with an explanation of your situation.

General FAQs

Do all the templates work with the latest version of Kliqqi?

Yes, they will. We update our templates regularly to make them compatible with the latest Kliqqi release.

Will the templates work with my Kliqqi modules?

Yes, most modules should work with our templates. However, we can't guarantee they will do so. There are some modules that conflict with codes used in the templates, which will make our templates to not function properly.

There are many Kliqqi modules available both free & commercial and we can't test every one of them. If it will not work with our template, we're happy to troubleshoot and figure out the cause.

How often are the templates updated?

We update our Kliqqi templates as soon as we find a bug, to make it compatible with the latest Pligg release or there is a new feature that we feel should be added.

How do I install a Kliqqi template?

Detailed instructions on installing our premium Kliqqi templates are available in the details page of the template under the Documentaion tab.

Where can I ask support questions about the premium Kliqqi templates?

OxyThemes provides product related support through email.

OxyThemes do not provide product support via Facebook, Twitter, forums, phone or live chat. Please read our full Support Policy for more information and details.

How long will I recieve support and template updates?

It depends on what Template License you bought. For Basic Template License, you'll get 6 months of support and updates. Standard Template License has 12 months of support and updates.

If you want to avail continued access to updates and template support for an additional Valid Period, you need to renew your inactive Template License.

Can I modify the Kliqqi template to my liking?

Yes, you are free to customize the Kliqqi template to your personal needs in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Can I remove the "Theme By: OxyThemes" link/text credit in the footer?

You can remove the "Theme By: OxyThemes" link/text credit in the footer with condition that you cannot brand our KLiqqi templates under your name and/or claim that our Kliqqi template is your product.

Can I use the templates for work that I do for clients?

No. Our templates can be use only for your owned domains and/or sites. Please read our full Terms & Conditions.

Which browsers are supported by the Kliqqi templates?

Our premium Kliqqi templates will work across all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 10+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The browsers must be JavaScript-enabled in order for our templates to fully work & function.